Gluten-free gratitude

9 Jun

“I’m tired,” I told my boyfriend recently after a long evening walk.

Yes, the rare exercise had left my muscles twitching, and yes, my vitamin B12 levels had reached dangerous lows, as revealed in a later blood test.

But neither of these health issues could account for my overwhelming sense of fatigue. Instead, it was caused by the cure for a different disease.

“I’m tired of being gluten free,” I said.

I was tired of eating the same foods, of frequenting the same restaurants, of asking pharmaceutical manufacturers the same questions, of checking labels for the same words. . . .

My list of complaints multiplied, and I began reciting it to my boyfriend, to my therapist, to my friend Rachel.

And as I inundated her with a stream of self-pity during a g-chat session one afternoon not long ago, I suddenly stopped.

“I need to be more thankful,” I apologized. “I need to keep some sort of gratitude journal every day.”

After all, I was the champion of the everyday. “The small pleasures hold life’s meaning,” I’d argued during a recent discussion with my boyfriend about the (lack of) merit in pursuing adrenaline highs to experience life fully.

Life is full of deeply satisfying moments, overflowing between the brief highs of a jet ski run (for him) or a favorite Broadway show (for me).

Yes, the rushes of pleasure are sometimes warranted, like my now weekly shot of B12.

But as I feel the ensuing surge of energy each Thursday, I want to remember the calm, quiet joys of daily life during the grinding duties of maintaining a gluten-free diet.

So I’m starting a blog series to celebrate the beautiful, unmarred aspects of my life, apart from food and diet and everything gluten free.

This new “Gluten-Free Gratitude” series will be published on “Thankful Thursdays” for a while.

And I hope I never get tired of it.


One Response to “Gluten-free gratitude”

  1. sarah June 9, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    cute pix of roxie……and at least you have more restaurants than i do to frequent!!

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