Sweet as love

24 May

“Food is love,” wrote one of my myriad new pen pals acquired throughout my recent adventures in online dating.

And during the sometimes stilted, sometimes sizzling conversations I’ve exchanged with various strangers both in person and over e-mail, IM, and text throughout the past four months, I, too, have remarked a certain conflation—or, perhaps, confusion—of love and food.

The requisite “how do you like your coffee?” chat, a staple at that jittery start of each first date, has segued into countless culinary conversations, including an odd “why I once was a vegetarian” discussion and a fascinating low-fat chocolate-chip cookie recipe exchange.

But the most unusual—and memorable—of these dialogues occurred not on an extended date, but on a brief instant message encounter. The writer seemed far too young and far too far away for a possible relationship (the presumed objective of dating site users), and, unsurprisingly, he wanted to discuss not a relationship with me, but his relationship with food.

“You’re gluten free?” he began. “I just started the diet a week ago!”

Remembering the initial confusion and frustration of the Celiac Disease diagnosis, I offered the expected platitudes. “The diet gets easier.” “You can find gluten-free options at more and more places.”

And my first recommendation of those providers was not, to my own surprise, the long Trader Joe’s gluten-free list or the online ordering form for Rose’s Wheatfree Bakery and Cafe.

My immediate suggestion was Whole Foods. And their unsurpassed vanilla cupcakes.

“You just like the frosting,” my mom recently told me after one of my inordinately lengthy monologues on these cupcakes’ indescribable perfection. “No,” I retorted. “I lick the wrappers.”

After all, the last gooey crumbs of the impossibly delicate yellow cake easily equal the icy sweetness of the decadent frosting spirals. And both components, unlike those of too many other gluten-free desserts, prove just as satisfying when eaten alone as when eaten together.

The combination of calories (480) and grams of fat (22), however, may give pause, but with all the deprivations inherent in this sometimes trying diet, everyone—especially boys just going gluten free—deserves a frequent indulgence.

And for my next one, I’m planning on Whole Foods’ chocolate cupcakes—recommended by yet another recent online date.


One Response to “Sweet as love”

  1. Sarah May 26, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    Sis, these are the best. I like vanilla better than chocolate, but both are such a yummy treat!!

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