Best in brownies

10 Sep

I had boiled broccoli for tonight’s dinner—a simple but satisfactory solution to one of those rare vegetable cravings resulting from an overindulgence in chocolate for far too long a period.

But it’s that time of month.

For the five to seven days following my monthly mother-daughter pilgrimage to Rose’s Wheatfree Bakery & Cafe in Evanston, Ill., I revel in a refrigerator and freezer overflowing with pizza crust, pastry, bread, . . . and brownies.

Always, we call ahead and reserve a dozen (graciously supplemented with an extra birthday brownie this past weekend!). And always, upon returning home, I seal each generously sized square into its own Ziploc bag for the coming workweek’s breakfasts (and desserts and snacks).

Then, while navigating a monotonous or confusing editing assignment, I alternately savor and devour these simultaneously cakey and fudgey treats. “People like either cakey brownies or fudgey ones,” Rose once speculated as we chatted over her cafe counter. “I like both,” I told her. And I can somehow miraculously enjoy these dual textures in her incomperable concoction.

Perhaps their unique, indecipherable flavor is due to extra vanilla, I once mused during a workday brownie break before I’d discovered the list of the brownie’s simple ingredients. Or maybe I detect banana! I rushed online for a banana brownie or banana chocolate cake recipe, but the results, while boasting a lovely depth of flavor, lacked that je ne sais quoi.

Whether or not they contain a secret ingredient, these brownies surpass all of my former life’s contenders, including even my childhood memory of that homemade pan of underbaked, gooey goodness served with chilled milk from the car trunk during my family’s outing at a snowy winter festival of dogsled racing and ice-sculpture carving.

In fact, the only potentially better brownies may be Rose’s now long-discontinued brownie base topped with a layer of smooth cheese cake.

Thankfully, she’s given no indication of ever discontinuing—or even changing—this winning recipe. And although I’d prefer the elimination of frequent stray eggshells, I’m more than willing to endure this minor foible . . . and the inducement of a craving for broccoli.


2 Responses to “Best in brownies”

  1. emily September 11, 2009 at 3:04 pm #

    oooh, love the new layout. it makes me want to switch to wordpress. and to rose’s bakery.

    • glutenfreev September 13, 2009 at 4:42 pm #

      Emily! Thanks for coming to see my new layout! And whatever host site you choose, please keep blogging. I always look forward to your beautiful monthly posts!

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