Red-velvet reverie

11 Aug

I had a doctor’s appointment today—the perfect excuse to then reward myself with a “just-to-see-what-they-have” stop into my favorite local cafe, Honey, on their serendipitous Gluten-free Tuesday. Perhaps, I mused while recalling my double-chocolate disappointment of a few weeks ago, they’ll have an exciting different flavor.

And they did. The most decadent gluten-free cupcake I have ever had.

I expected no less the moment I spotted the cake stand of toppled red-velvet cupcakes, complemented by an upright little handwritten sign with a very large, very wonderful promise: GF.

“They’re kind of falling apart,” the barista apologized as she slipped two cupcakes into a little white box.

“It’s OK,” I replied. “It’s hard to make gluten-free things normal.”

But that first bite—the soft, dark cake melting into moist richness, the pure white frosting bursting with genuine, cream-cheese goodness—was better than “normal.”

Yes, I still detected that signature gluten-freeness (perhaps rice or bean flour?) in my second bite of only the cake. But the real cream-cheese frosting, a luxury usually replaced by most bakeries (even my favorite Rose’s) with an inedible, grease-based topping, obscured any telltale hint of the impostor flour.

My only true complaints with this Honey experience were that I had only one cupcake left in that little white box in my fridge. And that Gluten-free Tuesday came only one time this week.

Perhaps one day gluten-free day will be every day. More Chicago suburbanites need to show support for this cafe’s commendable efforts to cater to the gluten-free community.

Clearly, I’m more than happy to do my part . . . whether or not I have the excuse of a doctor’s appointment!


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