Double chocolate disappointment

23 Jul

I had a chocolate craving Tuesday night. And usually, for this common occurrence, I have a bag of M&Ms or a container of Kozy Shack pudding in my refrigerator. Lately, however, my fridge has been bare.

But fortunately, an eclectic, fairly new neighborhood cafe that serves food as delicious as its name, Honey, has made an extraordinary effort to cater to gluten-free patrons. I can’t express my delight, my confidence, my comfort in browsing their daily menu of specials and finding a gf beside several of their flavorful salads and soups (Much, much more on their specialities later).

The restuarant’s gluten-free sweet selection, however, had for a long while been limited to crumbly yet rich, chewy peanut butter cookies. Then, Honey mentioned they would be offering cupcakes on “gluten-free Tuesdays.” I saw beautiful vanilla cupcakes—topped with formidable coconut—last week, but this week, Honey had their double chocolate cupcakes.

Although the three I selected are no longer in my refrigerator, they weren’t as good as their perfect frosting—or their slightly exorbitant price—promised they’d be. The cake’s flavor was distinctly gluten free, belying a hint of bean flour, and the frosting, while “normal,” was far too sour for my taste. Still, the texture was wonderfully dense, and I admit I licked each wrapper.

So perhaps I shouldn’t complain. After all, not every restaurant is as conscientious as Honey. And not every bakery has a little gluten-free sign resting on a tray of double chocolate cupcakes . . . just waiting to satisfy my every craving.


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