A B-less BLT

9 Jul

For years, I never even considered making a BLT. After all, vegetarians couldn’t eat a bacon sandwich! And then, I realized I could employ fake bacon—the kind composed of soy . . . and held together with wheat gluten.

When I started my gluten-free diet, I thought I’d have to give up the newly-established tradition of BLT dates with my vegetarian boyfriend. But, in my heroic attempt to save the dates (as he fried up the fake bacon and squeezed it between layers of real bread), I found out a BLT is actually better without the fake (or real) B.

If left in a toaster for just an extra moment, the crispy edges of gluten-free bread mimic the exact texture of bacon. (I first made this discovery with Whole Foods’ Prairie Bread, a readily available favorite in the store’s frozen case of gluten-free goods. I love the meaty texture of the abundant seeds throughout. Another exceptional bread with a unique, hearty flavor is the vegan Seeded Sandwich Bread from Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery in Evanston, Ill.—much, much more on this outstanding restaurant later. Rose’s Teff Bread, pictured here, is nearly too crumbly and sour, but it sometimes serves as a nice change of pace. Whatever the bread, toasting almost always enhances the bread’s flavor and texture.)

Immediately after toasting the bread slices (I always use a separate toaster for my and my boyfriend’s bread.), slather on an abundance of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Then add two hearty slices of hot-house tomatoes and salt liberally. Top with several pieces of iceberg lettuce (I know of the nutritional deficiencies, but I relish that extra crispness in the absence of fake bacon.) and more salt. Cover with the other slice of mayonnaised bread, and then consider the goodness of a B-less BLT.


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